Best Things To Consider When Buying A Luxury Villa

Demand for luxury housing in India is on the rise and attracts high-networth individuals, investors and a majority of aspirational urban population.

Among the many luxury housing options available in the market, villas are the most popular. Usually tucked away on the city outskirts, villas are most coveted owing to large living space, location benefits, access to world-class amenities and complete privacy. However, when opting for the fancy lifestyle and attractive environment offered, make sure you look at these seven prerequisites to make the right choice.

Look for free space options

To extract maximum benefit of the independent house, ensure there is a provision of ample free space on its four sides. Villas that have a shared common wall with an adjacent villa can hinder your privacy. It is ideal to have extra spaces, say on the terrace, allotted for future construction purposes or provision for gardening space.

Check for contemporary features

Perform a thorough inspection of the property, since, investing in a quality construction is bound to fetch you good returns in the future. Look out for all the latest features, do a comparative study of the villas you have shortlisted and decided on what best suits you. Modern villa plans usually include extended parking facility. Ensure that the building chosen by you possesses multiple car parking facility and ample guest parking.

Identify room allotments

Villas often have a configuration greater than 3BHK. With so many rooms, it is essential to have a flexible planning in the allotment of rooms that will facilitate ease of communicating for the inhabitants yet giving them the desired comfort and convenience.

Research the locality beforehand

Commonly found in serene corners of the city boundaries, villas provide you the much-desired respite from the bustling crowded city life. But it is also important to make sure that there is proper transport connectivity and road link to key city localities.

Do not fall for cheap prices

Villas are defined by ultra-luxury features viz. more space as well as high-end specifications and fittings. Most of the contemporary projects are smart and energy efficient too which also influences its pricing. Thus, high-quality construction calls for higher prices. Villa projects which are available at cheaper prices need to be given a second thought.

Hire professionals

Hiring experts or real estate agents when buying a villa can help you fetch the best deal. Trained professionals will help you in finding the right luxury home floor plansat an optimised rate. Receiving other services such as painting, interior designing and proper documentations are other benefits of going for the purchase through a good realtor.

Consider price appreciation

An ideally located villa project will guarantee handsome price appreciation at a later stage. Investing in villas assures significant percentage of Undivided Share of Land (UDS). Going for a trusted and branded realty developer is recommended to secure a maximum percentage of UDS, which will enhance the asset value of the property in future.