Best Creative Ideas To Sell Your Villa FAST

Finding buyers is paramount to your success in real estate.

While it’s true, buying a property at the right price is probably the most important part of the equation – you’re never going to realize those gains until you actually get the darn thing sold.

Luckily there are MANY different ways to do this. If you’ve been trying to sell your property and you’re feeling stuck, here are some ideas that may help you generate more interest:

Conventional (“Old School”) Methods:

1. List Your Property with a Real Estate Agent.

2. List Your Property in a Classified Newspaper Ad.

3. Put a “For Sale” sign in the yard (I realize this may sound obvious, but you wouldn’t believehow many properties I’ve bought from people who didn’t even think to take this one simple action).

Free Internet Marketing Ideas That Get Results:

4. Create your own website and list your property for the world to see.

5. Zillow’s For Sale By Owner service, which reaches millions of buyers all over the world.

6. Upload your property information to any one of these free real estate listing websites.

7. Post your property for sale on Craigslist.

8. Post your property for sale on the Facebook Marketplace (or in any local buy/sell groups).

9. Create a squeeze page, start building a Buyers List and market your properties to them on a consistent basis.

Paid Internet Marketing Ideas That Get Results:

10. Set up an auction to list and sell your property.

11. Create a selling website with Lead Propeller and show off your listings to the world.

12. Build a selling platform with Investor Carrot and create an online showroom for your properties.

13. List your property for sale on the MLS via Fizber.

14. Create a professional-looking ad on Vflyer and show people you’re serious about doing business.

15. Advertise your listing website with Pay Per Click mediums like Google Adwords.

16. Create Banner Ads and pay for direct advertising on relevant websites.

17. List your property on a paid site

Harness the Power of Networking:

18. Join some Real Estate Investor forums

19. Use the BiggerPockets Marketplace.

20. Join Connected Investors and let others know about your property.

21. Talk to some property management companies in your area. These people work with dozens of hungry investors and have tons of local connections.

22. Talk to your title company and/or closing attorney. See if they know of any buyers who are actively looking for new investment properties.

23. Bring coffee & donuts into your local realtor’s office. Tell the entire team that you’ll pay them a referral fee for any buyers they can send your way (that actually result in a sale).

24. Make connections with some of the other sellers in your area. Leverage their networks to find buyers for your properties.

25. Talk to some building inspectors – they often deal with some of the highest volume buyers and sellers in your market.

26. Talk to some appraisers. They will know some of the biggest names in the business and which investors are currently buying properties.

27. “Reverse Bird Dogging.” Call some of the well-known investors in your market. Give them your personal attention, tell them that you have some great opportunities and that you’ve been thinking specifically about them (with regard to the property you’re trying to sell).

28. Search Craigslist for “We Buy Houses” listings. You should be able to find other wholesalers in your area that you can network with (these people have connections with a lot of local buyers – and the serious wholesalers are good people to know).

29. Join a local REIA club and announce your property to all of the investors who attend.

30. Call other Real Estate Agents and ask if they know of any cash buyers.